Opportunities to participate in a variety of co- curricular activities such as Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Scouts and Guides, Sports and Games, Dramatics, Home- craft, Computer, Taekwondo, Gardening etc. in general are provided so as to cater to the varied interests and aptitudes and well being of the cildren. Competitions in Painting, Recitation, Essay, General Knowledge and quiz are also held from time to time. Trips and excursion are organized within and outside the city, besides being educative and entertaining foster the spirit of adventure and hence find an equally important place in the calender of school activities.

Activities Offered At The School During Summer Vacations

1. MUSIC : a. Vocal (classical and patriotic songs) b. Instrumental (Harmonium, Guitar,Tabla)

2. DANCE: a. Kathak b. Folk c. English

3. HANDICRAFT : a. Embroidery b. Stuffed toys c. Fabric painting d. Clay modelling and other rafts

4. MUSICAL EXERCISE : a. Taekwando b. Bhartiyam / Aerobic

5. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY : a. Judo b. Gymnastic c. Foodcraft d. All outdoor crafts


Distinct Co-Curriculur Activities

1. Youth Festival : Held every year in the month of Oct. and organized by Rotary Club Lucknow Khas, gives a platform to the students of not only Police Modern School, but alsoother parallel schools in Luckno to develop among the students a true sportsmanship, a tnt of healthy competition and feelings of brotherhood and mutual respect.

2. Sports Day : Organized every year with students displaying their talents other than studies and creativity. It brings Police Modern School altogether on a platform which gives us the energy to revitalize ourselves. Also this function is the occasion to felicitate the merit holders of previous year’s CBSE X exam and of all classes from Nur. To IX.

3. Mother’s Day :Celebrated in the month of May each year, where the students get a medium to thank the selfless efforts put by their mothers in their upbringing.