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Rules & Regulations

1. No child is to be absent without a written application.

2. Every student should keep the school campus tidy, neat and clean.

3. School property willfully damaged or destroyed will be required to be made good. In addition a heavy fine may be imposed.

4. The school is not responsible for any student’s loss of property. Students are responsible for looking after their books, personal belongings etc.

5. No jewellery except a watch should be worn by girl students. Nails are kept to be short.

6. Mobiles, iPods, cameras and other expensive gadgets should not be brought to school. The school bears no responsibilty for their loss.

7. Every child is to attend the Assembly. The hours of assembly are as notified in the school diary depending upon the weather.

8. Parents/Guardians should be on time to take their children home (specially Preprimary and primary section).

9. Students affected by infectious diseases or those whose have been exposed to such diseases in their homes must complete the required quarantine period before joining the school.

10. The use of unfair means in examination / test will entail the annulment if the entire exam / test result.